Wednesday, July 04, 2007


BookExpo Canada

I did spend two days at the BookExpo Canada trade show. I decided to concentrate on meeting authors this year. I did my research and divided my time between those who already have books in audio format and those who do not. I did manage to distribute a number of my pamphlets and business cards to the authors and, in some cases, to their publishers. People seem to be much more open to the idea of audio books now than they were last year. I made it a point to drop by the booth of the publisher of hiking and guide books still to find them rather bemused at the idea of audio books even though their genre is, as I told them last year, just begging to be done in audio format. Despite them, this new interest in audio is encouraging.

I came away from the show with at least 30 new books which I am currently making my way through. I am finding a lot of material I'd love the opportunity to narrate. There are some great story tellers out there.

One book I was excited to get, and this one was not business related, was an autographed book of some of Lynn Johnston's (of 'For Better or Worse' fame) comic strips. I've been a fan for years and make sure I check out the strip every day.

The saga of the T-Shirt and Tote Bag is a long and drawn out one. This T-Shirt shop in Toronto widely advertises that they do single T-Shirts. Well, they do, they just aren't very happy about it and Customer Service is definitely not their strong suit (actually, I don't think they have a strong suit). Thankfully I started my journey with them two full weeks before the show because I ended up getting the T-Shirt just two days before the show started and never did get the tote despite the fact that I made numerous trips to the store.


60 Second Pitch Contest

Just got an email from Stephanie Ciccarelli from They are holding a contest starting this Friday called the "60 Second Pitch Contest". Looks like the prizes are well worth the effort. And you'll end up with a polished elevator speech. What's to lose? Find more information here:

60 Second Pitch at

It's open to anyone in audio field - so make sure you check it out!

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