Monday, January 28, 2008


Audiobook 2007 Sales Survey

The Audiobook Publishers Association (APA) published their latest survey a couple of months ago. I just recently joined the association so have only just seen it now. It was taken last summer and covers the year 2006. It shows a 6% increase in sales over 2005 bringing the industry total at an estimated $923 million. You can read the entire press release here

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Saturday, September 01, 2007


Why Should Publishers and Authors Create Audiobooks

The ubiquity of iPods and MP3 players has generated great interest in audio books. Today audio books don't even have to be pressed into CDs and distributed; but simply can be uploaded to sites like iTunes or Use the audio format to fuel interest in the print version.

Audio Books:

Audio Publishers Association (APA) 2006 sales survey shows: An increase of 4.7% in sales over the previous year Audbiobook sales reach an estimated $871 million in 2005. The APA 2006 consumer survey reveals these demographics: "younger listeners, split evenly between male and female, who live in slightly larger households (many with children) and command a higher income than has been reported in previous surveys. Audiobook listeners also have more education and buy and read more printed books than non-listeners"

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